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Woman Smoking

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Acrylic on Dry Wall

8′ x 16′

This mural was another collaboration of client, space and artist. It was for Liza and completed in the summer of 2013. Liza was in the process of making big changes in her life. Letting go of old ideas about what her aesthetic ‘should be’ she decided to create a new fresh environment and ‘modern’ was the order of the day. For the wall she wanted to hang a progression of pictures of herself smoking. She had taken them during a particularly low point the year before. The pictures served as a reminder of her spiritual growth in the last year. After several talks I had a plan. My idea was to take the images one step further artistically and diffuse the literalness of them. We settled on a single image and I explained the concept of painting a high contrast, wall to wall image all in black. That part wasn’t so easy. Especially since it was only in my head and Liza had no idea what it would look like in the end. We tussled a bit with placement, size and how it would fit in with the furniture etc… It was a lot to take in. But the morning after it was finished, Liza walked into her new living room and saw her mural. She called me and said she felt like a rock star living in her dream apartment.