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Virgen de la Caridad

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Acrylic Watercolor on Paper

36″ x 48″

Created for my mother on her 70th birthday, this piece was completed and presented to her in Miami in August of 2013. The painting is the first in a series called The Moment After. Typically the Virgin is portrayed quite large as the central theme in the painting, holding baby Jesus, riding on a crescent moon and flanked by two angels. Los Tres Juanes are praying beneath her with violent waves crashing against their little boat. But what happens after she calms the storm and the skies clear? Does she disappear? Did they even see her? Do they remember anything at all? This is my interpretation of that moment after… I used my niece as the model for the Virgin and my nephew for Jesus. The scene, like the water, is serene and peaceful. The danger is gone and there is a sense of play. Everyone in the painting is focused on the object of their play with the exception of baby Jesus who is looking at us and smiling. My mother has always been my confidant, a comforting force in my life and now she dedicates herself to calming the tempests many create in our society. This piece was inspired by my mother, her love of the Virgin and all things Cuban.